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Vision and motivation

At Lode Holding we are convinced that we can help people with their health, vitality and performance by exercising them properly and sufficiently. That is why we use our knowledge and expertise in the field of human movement on the one hand to reliably and accurately measure, monitor and support movement and on the other hand to improve people’s health, vitality and performance capacity using measurement data.


Together we let sports scientists, technologists and other experts innovate. For example, we develop robust solutions for the sustainable and accurate collection, storage and presentation of high-quality (measurement) data in the field of movement. We make these available to professionals who are committed to better health, better functioning and better performance of their client. We support innovative scientific research to expand our own knowledge and expertise and to develop and validate entirely new movement solutions.


Lode Holding actively collaborates with knowledge partners in the field of both applications and innovative technologies. Due to its extensive experience, many contacts with end users and creative processes, the realized concrete products and service concepts are made available to the various target groups in a high-quality manner through its participations. Key concepts within Lode Holding are innovation and customer focus. Sustainability and reliability are the core values. Lode Holding’s

organizations are professional, ambitious, progressive and focused on the long term. Also Lode Holding wants to improve and expand its offering through innovation and targeted acquisitions of activities and technologies



Lode Holding actively strives for a harmonious combination of people, environment and operating results. There is an active search for productive collaboration with other companies, the healthcare sector, government and knowledge institutions.

Special responsibility is felt with regard to knowledge development. Lode Holding continuously contributes to knowledge development and training. For example, Lode Holding’s competencies and facilities are used within partnerships with knowledge institutions. Every year, many internship and graduation assignments, including workplaces and supervision, are made available to students from vocational education and university.

Lode Holding is a member of the Medical Devices Code of Conduct (GMH). This code of conduct ensures responsible cooperation between doctors and suppliers of medical devices. The rules of conduct laid down in this code of conduct are intended to facilitate careful, transparent and responsible interaction between suppliers of medical devices and the parties involved in the decision-making about the purchase and/or their application, in addition to the applicable legislation, regardless of the setting in which they work. By signing the code of conduct, suppliers, healthcare professionals and healthcare institution undertake to comply with the rules of conduct established therein.


Lode Holding’s environmental management system conforms to the ISO 14001 standard. Lode Holding is also a member of the collective Wecycle system. This means that Wecycle ensures that the products of Lode Holding and its subsidiaries are optimally recycled after delivery. As a result, raw materials are preserved and harmful substances do not end up in the environment. More information can be found at:

Partner van Wecycle WIT

In addition to participating in WeCycle, Lode Holding works according to the guidelines of RoHS II (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Lode Holding therefore does not use the ten substances that fall under this directive (lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI, PBB, PBDE, DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP).

By working according to the ISO 14001 standard, participating in WeCycle and following the guidelines of RoHS II, Lode Holding tries to create a healthier living environment for people and the environment. With solar panels, the electricity consumption is largely generated in-house. Preventing all forms of waste also plays an important role, such as wasting raw materials, components, auxiliary materials, paper, water and energy. By actively taking measures to reduce our ecological footprint, Lode Holding tries to contribute to a healthier living surroundings and a better environment.

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