Umaco, ProCare and aXtion join IAG program

Lode Holding subsidiaries Umaco, ProCare and aXtion are participating in two IAG projects.The Province of Groningen has a program that provides grants to innovative, collaborative projects if they fall within the priorities of the Action Program.One of the priorities is research and innovation in the area of healthy ageing.Within this theme, there are two IAG …

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Collaboration with students

Lode Holding is located in the northern Netherlands. This region is distinguished by unique knowledge, innovation and activities in the area of healthy ageing. Lode Holding plays in this area a very active role as a participant of the various collaborations and innovative projects. Active collaboration with the University and Colleges is practically completed by …

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Opportunities for collaboration

Lode Holding BV and her CEO Johannes Wolters are closely involved with the foundation and the board of the Healthy Ageing Business Cooperative U.A.This business cooperative contains five founding organizations that represent the core areas of cooperation, namely: Medical Technology, Molecules & Materials and Drug Development, Testing & Analysis. Together the companies have found that …

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A look behind the scenes at Lode Holding during Girlsday!

Today, Thursday the 24th of April 2014 technical companies, research- and educational institutes opened their doors to young girls aged 10-15 years in order to awaken their interest in science and technology. During Girlsday, organized annually by VHTO, more than 8,400 girls will discover the world of science, technology and IT. In the Netherlands girls …

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Partner Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing

Lode Holding BV is an active partner of the Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing of the University of Applied Sciences in Groningen amongst others as an active participant of the projectgroup Innovation Sports & Healthy Ageing. 

Leaders in life science solutions

Today Dagblad van het Noorden published an annex in the newspaper with the theme ‘Life Sciences’. In the context of this theme an article has been published about Lode Holding and her subsidiaries to present themselves. 

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