Lode Holding is the parent company of the subsidiaries Lode, ProCare, aXtion, Umaco and Omnium. With a rich experience, history and a wide range of high-quality products and services in the field of lifestyle, sport, prevention and care, Lode Holding has been a leading and reliable partner for more than 70 years. Our focus is on human movement and performance.

Reliable for our customers, cooperation partners and for our own people. Continuously active in renewing, improving and creating a healthy environment for anyone. Where everyone can develop and is driven to get the best out of themselves and each other.

Working together • Innovating together • Growing together • Caring together • Successful together



Together, you are usually more successful than alone. Cooperation and utilizing each other’s strengths is therefore very important. Lode Holding participates in four organizations with different competencies which are all active in the field of Life Sciences. Lode Holding aims to utilize and increase the synergy between these different subsidiaries. 

Since Mr. Freerk Lode founded Lode’s Instruments in 1948 and shortly afterwards produced the world’s first electromagnetically braked ergometer, precision, reliability and durability have been the foundation for further developments. While the Lode company was only active in the field of cardiology and lung function in the early years, it has now grown into a versatile specialist in the field of medical ergometry. Lode’s product range varies from bicycle and treadmill ergometers to recumbent and arm ergometers and ergometry software, which is offered for the Sports Medicine, Cardiology & Pulmonary Function, Rehabilitation and Imaging markets.

Thanks to years of experience in the production of medical ergometers and continuous development for changing market requirements, Lode is a flexible and reliable partner. In consultation with the customer, specific ideas and wishes can be converted into a customized solution.

Visit Lode’s website for more information.

ProCare B.V. is a professional trading company specialized in the supply and service of measuring equipment and instruments for the benefit of human health and the workplace. ProCare offers a total package of equipment and disposables, so that the customer has a single point of contact for all his wishes and needs. ICT solutions, for example for opening up measurement data for research, are also part of the offer. A personal customer-oriented approach is paramount, hence the slogan: We take intensive care.

Thanks to the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification, ProCare is a reliable and professional partner for health and safety professionals. This way of certification, which provides for both service and distribution of medical and occupational hygiene equipment, is unique in the Netherlands.

For more information, visit the ProCare website.

Umaco B.V. is a product development agency within the Life Science and MedTech sector specialized in realizing product ideas. Umaco’s creativity and multidisciplinary knowledge are the source of successful development projects. The network of specialized companies and research institutes is complementary to this. All this knowledge and expertise is brought together by Umaco and translated into innovative product solutions for its customers.

Umaco is an excellent partner that supports its customers in developing new products based on their ideas. It speeds up the process between (scientific) research and a new product that can actually be sold. Umaco puts the user first and includes from the start of a project aspects such as design, choice of materials and production techniques.

For more information, visit the Umaco website.

aXtion B.V. is an ICT project organization for software development and innovative projects and focuses in particular on the target groups welfare and care. aXtion focuses mainly on web applications and links with equipment and registration systems, etc. In addition, so-called service level agreements (SLA’s) are concluded, so the ICT solutions are also supported during operation.

Many development assignments are carried out within a partnership of parties, each with their own field of expertise and specific knowledge. aXtion combines these fields and specific knowledge into an ICT solution, in which the user of the product and efficiency are paramount.

Visit the aXtion website for more information.

Omnium BV was founded in 2018 by Lode Holding. With its cooperation partners, Omnium B.V. is located on the second floor in the Topsportzorgcentrum. Together they function as a location under the name Het Omnium. This top-sports-care-center is an initiative of highest division football organization FC Groningen. It is a multifunctional building that connects top sport, top care, top knowledge and top entrepreneurship and builds a bridge to recreational sport and vitality in Northern Netherlands.

The Omnium thus encompasses the care layer of the center and is the showcase and breeding ground for new multidisciplinary support programs in the field of sport and lifestyle. The focus is on recovery, performance and being fit. This is done in collaboration with sports doctors, physiotherapists, sports dieticians, podiatrists and sports psychologists. Because this is all under one roof, Het Omnium can offer the best support.

Five disciplines come together in Het Omnium, resulting in a wide range of sports coaching for top athletes, (still) athletes, recreational users and organisations. Lifestyle interventions are also part of the offer. The aim is to guide the (sporting) Northerners as well as possible thanks to the expertise of the various partners. All programs are scientifically substantiated, tailor-made and designed with an eye for the motivation of the client.

Visit the Omnium website for more information.

Management and Supervisory Board

Johannes J.P. Wolters

President & CEO

Jantienus Ruinemans

Chairman Supervisory Board

Hessel A. Bouma

Member Supervisory Board

Daniël W. Noort

Member Supervisory Board


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