Happy New Year!  

2023 is a very special year for us. This year it is 75 years ago that Freerk Lode started Lode’s Instrumenten NV in Groningen. It marks the start of the production and marketing of the world’s first ergometer. The start of what has now grown into Lode Holding with no less than 5 subsidiaries, where each day is all about human movement and performance. For 75 years.   We are still true to our heritage and produce ergometers that are now the gold standard worldwide. In 75 years there have been many innovations, improvements and expansions. We are no longer only working on the ergometer, but we also supply a high-quality range of products and services in the field of lifestyle, sport, prevention and care.   We could only become the gold standard by working together. Together we become stronger and lead the way. In a unique way in which quality, innovation, reliability and sustainability are paramount, so that everyone can develop themselves and is driven to get the best out of themselves and each other.    We are proud that in those 75 years we have developed into a renowned brand that makes an important contribution to improving the health and performance of people around the world. That is why, in the jubilee year 2023, we are devoting attention to the history of Lode Holding. We will tell stories from partners and employees and of course we will celebrate our anniversary!

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