Developments around the coronavirus

How do we at Lode Holding deal with the developments regarding the corona virus? Of course we work as safely as possible within our organization. This means that in all cases we follow the advice of Dutch redesigned institute RIVM and the advice of the GGD per region. The Belgian equivalent applies to the Belgian branch of ProCare and colleagues there. All our employees are informed and instructed about the hygiene measures they must take, have received instructions for visiting appointments and know what to do in the event of complaints.

Organization accessibility

We understand that you may have administrative or general questions, or questions for one of our subsidiaries (for example, about the delivery of your order, your delivery to our warehouse, your scheduled service appointment or help desk questions). Our organization can be reached as you are used to. This means that you can continue to email and call if you have any questions.

Appointments on location

Where possible, we try to reach and support our customers as much as possible. Planned appointments therefore continue in principle. However, this means that we only travel to places that are safe for us and where it has been agreed in accordance with the relationship that a visit is sensible.

How do we do that?

1. When visiting and inviting relations, we weigh the risks with each visit. Questions associated with this consideration include:

  •  can we keep our distance from others?
  • are there sources of contamination at the site of the visit?
  • what is the local policy?
  • can the contact also take place by telephone or digitally?

2. We respect and adhere to the policies of relationships themselves;

3. We do not enter customer locations where employees/customers are sick or in quarantine due to the virus. We will schedule a new appointment in consultation;

4. If in doubt about a customer’s health, we discuss the options internally;

5. We also observe the prescribed hygiene measures outside the door;

6. We also ask our visitors to observe the prescribed hygiene measures. We use the same measures for visitors as for our own staff.

The hygiene measures we use are: washing hands according to the guidelines, sneezing and coughing in the elbows, use paper tissues once; do not shake hands and keep your distance. Employees who have traveled to areas classified as high-risk by the government, even if they have traveled privately, are asked to stay at home for 14 days.

Accessibility for drivers and parcel services

New measures apply to drivers and parcel services who deliver goods/mail/parcels in Groningen. They are not obliged to enter the building, they only have contact with our warehouse and reception employee(s).

Of course we hope for your understanding on behalf of the entire organization. We would like to keep you informed of new developments within our company with regard to the coronavirus via our website.

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