The Omnium is a fact: Lode Holding works together in the Topsportzorgcentrum!

At Lode Holding we believe that exercise is crucial for health, functioning and performance. With this in mind, we entered into a partnership with the Martini hospital, MCZ, Schutrups Exloo, INTER-PSY and Top Dieticians. Under the name Het Omnium, tailor-made programs are offered under one roof on the second floor of the Top Sports Care Center.

This includes drawing up training schedules, testing and measuring, nutrition and lifestyle advice, physical guidance, clinics and (sports) events. The aim is to support the sporty Northerner of the Netherlands with ambition in exercise as best as possible. Anyone who has or wants to do something with sports, exercise and vitality can come here.

Today, the press conference as the go-ahead for Het Omnium will take place in the so-called ‘Topsportzorgcentrum’, where Het Omnium will be located from the beginning of October. When premier league football club FC Groningen was looking for a new training accommodation, the fields at Corpus den Hoorn were a logical option. In addition to a new training location, the FC had another

ambition, namely to create an unique center that is not only aimed at top sports, but also offers facilities for recreational sports! Be inspired in the Topsportzorgcentrum! Visit

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