GDPR and Privacy Statement Lode Holding

Lode Holding and also its subsidiaries attach great importance to the protection of your privacy. When you visit our website, communicate with us or do business with you. Subsidiary aXtion has been complying with the strict standardization requirements in the field of information security ISO27001 and NEN7510 since the beginning of this year. Compliance with the GDPR is a logical next step for Lode Holding.

Many of the clients of Lode Holding and its subsidiaries handle sensitive data. In Lode Holding and its subsidiaries they find a reliable partner aware of the risks of information security. We apply a policy in which the reliability, availability and integrity of information are central. We would like to be completely transparent to our customers and other stakeholders. That is why we have specific policies regarding the processing of and access to personal data, the purpose of the use of this data and the rights that data subjects can exercise. See our Privacy Statement for further details.

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