Website Sportinnovatorcentrum Groningen live!

As a core partner from the start and a board member, Lode Holding is closely involved in the Sportinnovatorcentrum Groningen (SICG). We are proud to announce the go-live of the website! You can now find everything about the SICG at

SICG focuses – through innovations – on optimizing movement performance in the context of sports, rehabilitation and daily life on five target groups: 1) Sports, 2) Performance sports, 3) Public sports, 4) Movers and 5) Potential Movers. In addition to Lode Holding, the Sport Science Institute Groningen, Human Movement Sciences UMCG/RUG, Hanze University Groningen, Sport Innovator Center KNVB Campus, Innovation Lab Thialf, Municipality of Groningen and FC Groningen are core partners.

Sportinnovator is a national initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, carried out by ZonMW. Sports innovator centers are meeting and breeding grounds where researchers, entrepreneurs, governments and sports organizations work together structurally on innovations that: contribute to top sport, sport participation and/or an active lifestyle; contribute to the knowledge base for sports; provide economic returns or generate social value. So it’s no wonder that Lode Holding plays an active role in this

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