aXtion proud of ISO 27001 and NEN7510 certification

aXtion is an IT organization focused on innovative projects and operates in healthcare, government, safety and hospitals and is part of Lode Holding BV. ‘Our customers worst nightmare would be their sensitive data exposed. aXtion was already a reliable partner in this field, but the certification is a desired confirmation’, says Johannes Wolters (director). It has now been proven that aXtion employs a policy that focuses on the reliability, availability and integrity of information.

aXtion is a specialized company based at the Zernike Campus in Groningen, the Netherlands. Although a significant proportion of youth care in the Netherlands uses the questionnaire application built and maintained by them, aXtion remains modest. ‘Responding to customer requirements is something that naturally goes well with us. That starts with good listening, but also translating those wishes into responsible applications is something that is in our genes’ (Erwin te Bos, manager).
A number of large occupational health and safety services are customers for this reason, with aXtion building the application in which measurement data from all control rooms come together and can be used by occupational physicians and management. With the certification aXtion has demonstrated that the information that is processed for its customers is in save hands at aXtion.

ISO 27001 is an important international standard for information security, focused on the process of setting up security measures. The standard specifies requirements for designing, implementing, executing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). NEN 7510 is a national standard for information security in the healthcare sector. NEN 7510 describes measures to adequately deal with the (sensitive) information that goes around in the healthcare sector. As with ISO 27001, the purpose of this standard is also to guarantee the reliability, availability and integrity of information.

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