Lode Holding chooses sustainability, 690 solar panels on company building

Lode Holding chooses to increase the sustainability of their business activities by placing 690 solar panels. In May of this year the solar panels are installed by solar system supplier Enie.nl.

Last year Lode Holding earned their second place in the election of most vital company of their region. CEO Johannes Wolters of Lode Holding: “This project shows not only the health of our employees is important to us, but also the vitality of our environment”. The supplier of measuring devices for a.o. Dafne Schippers and Usain Bolt gives their social responsibility high priority. Therefore the choice for responsible and sustainable energy generation is a logical consequence, according Wolters.

Patrick van der Meulen of enie.nl is pleased with this project: ‘It is nice that two companies represent the same principles and collectively add value to social responsibility. With the solar panels on the rooftop of Lode Holding, the Zernike Campus area becomes more and more sustainable. Also the local Universities (Hanzehogeschool and Rijksuniversiteit) and soccer association chose solar energy of enie.nl’.

The solar system will deliver the company and her subsidiaries about 160.000 kWh electricity yearly. This meets the total demand of the company and thereby the company thrives solely on sustainable energy.

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